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Give A Makeup Artist A Choice?!?

Anna Mason - Thursday, August 28, 2014

As a makeup artist, I will always work to the client's specified requirements. While I'm happy to advise, ultimately the look is the brides choice .... She knows how she wants to look!

But someone recently asked me ... "What's your favourite 'special occasion' Makeup look? I mean if you had full artistic license with every bride... what look would the makeup take?!?"

Well, to give you a bit more insight into my personal style, here it is,
Makeup Cordelia style ....

Polished, classic & defined!


The ultimate complement for me is 'you're skin looks great' rather than 'what foundation do you use?' I really dislike flat one tone skin. I think skin should be muti tonal, luminous and have depth. A technique I use to achieve this is .. different shades of base (not as complicated as it sounds!) and only using the minimal amount of product required.
Subtle contouring to add depth ( I will do a blog on this at a later date!). I'm not massive fan of too much blush ( but this might be based on my own insecurities and my 'chipmunk cheeks') and prefer a healthy flush with a barely there, baby pink.


I think my choice of eyes comes from training era i.e the 90's super model! (my favourite being Christy Turlington!) Think classic smokey eyes with browns & beiges, not too much colour and not too much shimmer. And lashes, beautiful full lush lashes in blackest black!
My personal style also dictates I blend and blend and blend again, no harsh lines here!

Nude of course! Enhancing the natural colour with subtle definition. My trick...I use a pink nude pencil over the lips and define the lip line and simply cover with a hydrating lip balm.

I believe this classic look will stay the test of time, photograph beautifully and complement the majority of bridal styles.