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Anna Mason - Monday, June 01, 2015

Most MUA's like myself buy their products online due to convenience & a few cheeky pro discounts available, but yesterday this northern monkey happened to be in the country that is the Metro Centre. Thinking I might as well pick up some 'kit essentials' while here, I made my way to the enormous House of Fraser that stocks a multitude of premium brands such as Bobbi Brown Cosmetics MAC Cosmetics Estee Lauder & NARS Cosmetics
As I parted through a sea of cosmetic counters, I became aware of the number of sales/makeup people performing 'makeup demonstrations/makeovers' on the public. This is when it gets ugly!... Dirty brushes being used on multiple faces, double dipping into products, and....mascara wands straight from the tube!!!
Telling a friend later she exclaimed "but they can't be expected to wash their brushes between every client?" Well yes actually, they can and they should! They all need their brush hands tapping!
Poor sanitation is not just disgusting, it's extremely dangerous! If you visit a counter and are not blown away by the level of cleanliness ... Run!!!
...and after all that I didn't even get served (or even acknowledged) as they were too busy talking about last night on the 'toon'! Back to online shopping 
for Cordelia!

Anna 'Cordelia' Mason makeup artist's photo.