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An opportunity In Barcelona!!!

Anna Mason - Friday, January 09, 2015


  • SKILL LEVEL: Basic

    Fashion Photography Workshop in Barcelona


    18th & 19th April 2015.

    Introducing a unique opportunity to shoot a real fashion campaign with Keith Moss and Award Winning British Fashion Designer Kate Fearnley.

    Having worked together for over ten years, Keith and Kate have teamed up to create this unique fashion photography workshop. The group will be given the opportunity to shoot a real bridal fashion campaign in Barcelona. One or more of each member’s images could be used in a national media campaign to promote Kate Fearnley’s 2015 Spring/Summer campaign, whilst providing excellent portfolio additions.

    This is a practical fashion photography workshop held in the stunning city of Barcelona. The group will be shooting Kate’s new bridal and bridesmaid collection so the course would suit both wedding and fashion photographers. The course is designed for photographers at all levels from the enthusiastic beginner through to the professional. 

    Participants will work alongside designer Kate Fearnley; professional female models and a professional make-up and hair artist.

    What will be covered:
• An insight into a fashion designers' world, what they require from a shoot and more importantly what they don’t.

    • How to plan a shoot, sourcing and casting models, sourcing make up and hair teams, location hunting, sourcing props, client liaison and logistics.

    • Working with and access to professional models.
• Working with and access to the make up and hair team.

    • Styling the shoot.
• Live shooting with models, shooting Kate’s new bridal and bridesmaid dress collection for 2015.

    • Workflow advice and image processing.

    • Working with ambient light and flash.

    Those who take part will gain an understanding of the importance of each element of a fashion shoot, as well as how they come together to create stunning images that will help a fashion brand communicate with, and connect to their target market.

    For more information email or phone 01287 679655. 

    “This is so exciting, the first time we have partnered up with a commercial client to spread our knowledge of how to shoot a lifestyle campaign, and what an amazing city to do it in!” Keith Moss

    Barcelona is one of Europe’s most desirable and varied cities, providing an amazing backdrop to suit all creative tastes. Keith will guide the group through setting up lifestyle shots, as well as advise on the tricks of the trade to get the best out of the surroundings, clothing, and models.

    A local guide, well known to Keith and the team, will advise the group exactly where to go to capture the very essence of this exciting and diverse backdrop. 
    The group will work together shooting images throughout the workshop, which will take place during the day and into the evening, giving the experience of shooting in different lights. On day one there will be an option to join team for dinner in an authentic Catalan restaurant enjoying the local food and wine.

    The course is designed for photographers at all levels but a basic knowledge of photography and the ability to use a camera in manual mode is needed to participate.
 This workshops is limited to a maximum of 6 people so that Keith can give quality time to each individual. There will be numerous opportunities over the two days for time with Keith to answer any questions or immediately address any problems. Keith teaches in a practical way by showing, using simple uncomplicated language.


    Clients choosing to shoot black and white film on this course can get a 20% discount on the Black and White Darkroom Course where they’ll be shown how to process film, create a contact sheet and print a finished print from your two day shoot. 

    If you would like to buy this photography course as a gift we have gift vouchersavailable. 


    Available: select a date
    £750.00    Qty:  
    Fashion Photography Workshop in Barcelona
    CAPACITY: Max 6

    LOCATION: Barcelona

    DURATION: 2 Days: 18th & 19th April 2015 

    Zoom lens like a 70-200mm and a 
    short zoom ranging from a 35 to 50mm.
    1 Speedlight flash.
    Memory cards
    Card reader & laptop with Adobe Lightroom 
    or Capture One Pro. You can get free 30day trial versions. 

    We ask you to organise your own accommodation and 
    transport as everyone has different requirements.

    MEETING PLACE: Plaça de Catalunya, 08002 Barcelona, Spain
    We'll meet near the fountain opposite Hard Rock Cafe.

    Email for details

    If you have any questions please get in touch on 01287 679655, 
    we are happy to help.