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I’m going to share with you the #1 secret to looking good in any outfit whatever the occasion. Red carpet or gym. It does not matter what the price is or what shop it came from. With these hacks you will discover how to feel comfortable, make your clothes fit better and exude confidence.

The secret to looking incredible in any outfit whatever the occasion is…. Underwear!

Even if your outfit has a designer price tag, if you get this one thing wrong you can make anything high end look like tatt!

It’s often an oversight of many ladies and even if they have a draw full of Victoria Secret they’ll likely only wear it for a special occasion and even then it might be the wrong underwear for their outfit.

It’s not about price here. Others see it as extremely decadent and a waste of money to invest in decent undies and will happily wear 10 year old yellowing Marksies!

Now by decent I don’t mean designer silk draws, I mean…

The Decency rules…

  1. It feels comfortable and makes you feel good

  2. It fits correctly and accentuates your figure

  3. It’s the right colour 

As I have already mentioned an expensive outfit can be ruined by the wearing the wrong undies and equally a well put together budget piece can be elevated to the next level with the right underwear.

The right underwear choice will help your poise, hold you in, accentuate your shape and flatter your curves and… most importantly make you feel amazing!

Interestingly no matter what your size, the wrong underwear can completely kill your look…

I was a party with my best friend recently and while ‘people watching’ the importance of understanding the secrets to underwear became all too apparent. In particular I noticed a very attractive young lady in her 20’s wearing a white (brave) Herve Leger Bandage dress.

I guessed she couldn’t of been more than a UK size 8 (US size 4) but the first thing I clocked was her ill fitting dress. She had a very prominent VPL digging into her hips which was causing lumps and bumps down her sides. Also her bra choice had caused her boobs to split into 4 cups because it was a pushup style.

I really am not being bitchy here. As I said she was a beautiful girl in a clearly very expensive dress but it was her not knowing about the importance of underwear choices that was letting her look down.

You may not have considered the importance of underwear and how they can quite literally be the universe secret to a perfect polished look always. You may be embarrassed to think about the state of your undie draw or you may be already thinking I’ve got this sussed!

Well here is my top KitKats secrets of the universe to looking amazing forever with the power of underwear…

#1 Rule Number One

From here on in there is no definitive knicker days. No cheap comfy granny pants, no time of the month pants or even get me up stairs and make me sing pants! All undies should be decent (remember the decency rule) Gym knickers should be stylish and comfy.

Everyday pants should be with the promise that if you’re hit by a bus the medical team will be experiencing style envy while making you better. Nookie night pants can be an extension of everyday pants. Whatever you wear should always be decent (not necessarily expensive) this will be a huge upgrade in your mindset. It will give you more confidence and make you feel special even on a jeans day.

I would recommend 70% of your underwear be black (just practical). 20% white and 10% nude/colours. If it’s for sports then go black, comfy and stylish.

My stance on style… ditch the ‘G’ and go French. I really can’t see the benefit of wearing a G string. Yes it might make your other half smile but there’s loads of other styles out there that will be just as, if not more sexy looking.

I actually hate G strings… they chaff and feel like a cheese wire in your crack. They tend to rise high and poke out of your jeans (it’s not classy at any age).

They have zero hygiene protection as they are so minimal in material (no gusset going on) they might as well be crotchless (if you want) Not to mention they are almost guaranteed to give you an infection and most likely thrush.

I discussed this with my Mr KitKats and even he could only think of one positive attribute of a G string … great for giving the Mrs an impromptu wedgie! You’d be better off going commando (more on that later).

So stick with a style that suits you and does not rub or chaff, nor too tight. I’d say that nearly all my everyday and evening knickers are French in either silk or lace (or both) they’re so comfortable I’d even wear theme during Aunt flows visit.

#2 The best kept looking good secret in bra style

Firstly if you can get away with not always wearing a bra then you’re a lucky girly. Seriously if you’re like me with very little to support then take advantage of going braless when you can (think some backless dresses etc).

I know they always recommend you wear a bra for your posture and keeping you perky in your later years but I really think this is advice from the bra companies and really only relevant to those of a C cup upwards (last measure I was a 32BB). Oh and I’ve had 2 children (perky as a pekinese gif). I only really wear a bra to make my clothes look good (which is what this blog is all about).

But here’s the big KitKat secret… A sports bra, now hear me out! This isn’t just for the gym. The bra I’m going to recommend probably would’nt be great for the gym anyway. All you need a is simple black white or nude sports bra (jml recommendation). This is going to transform your regular bra.

This trick will transform any bra into a t shirt bra and smooth all bumps and wires even under a tight fitting top. It will stop your straps from falling down and it will improve your posture. You’ll feel altogether more snug and supported.

And there’s more… want a super 90s style Wonder Bra style? Just turn your sports bra back to front and use the lower band to push up your regular bra cups, pop in a few chicken fillets and boom!

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#3 So Tight!

Tights! Stockings/hose…. These are the ultimate in shape wear . you will never need another pair of Spanx again. Speaking of such. I’m really not a fan of shape control underwear. It eventually spills skin somewhere else making your legs look like sausage rolls. They’re also a pain to eat in and so restrictive can give you cystitis.

Simply tights… just wear a pair without knickers as shape wear. They will give you such a smooth silhouette. If you’re worried about them gaping at the gusset and starting to wriggle down just do the old school girl’s trick of wearing a pair of knickers over your tights.

But what if you’re wearing something skimpy with an open toe shoe?… no problem, toeless tights are seriously the best kept and underused under garment going. Simply get a pair in nude/fawn/tan/mocha anything that matches your skin tone. It will airbrush the colour of your legs and hold you in and… because they’re toeless no one will ever know you’re wearing them.

I’ve even worn toeless tights with hot pants and sandals. I felt so confident and my legs looked flawless. Just remember to keep a spare incase of a runner.

They’re not the easiest to find sometimes but good old Marksies (M&S) always stock them and I always add a pair to my asos order. They really are my absolute universe secret to looking good in any outfit (even hotpants)

#4 Commando!

Get over the connotations. If it warrants it and it’s practical, then do it. As I said it’s still far better than wearing a dirty G string. Maybe some tight fitting low rise trousers or a pencil skirt would benefit from going knickerless?

I get this isn’t always practical for everyone and I would suggest with only doing so with dark coloured clothing for obvious reasons. Also be aware of how you sit in a skirt and just be super careful when getting in and out of cars.

So remember the underwear rule of decency 

  1. It feels comfortable and makes you feel good

  2. It fits correctly and accentuates your figure

  3. It’s the right colour 

I hope this has perhaps given you something to think about. Why don’t you try this universe secret to looking good today? By just having a underwear draw clear out and then maybe having a quick shop online if even for only one pair of decency rules panties!?

If you do try out any of top tips then please let me know how you get on. If you have any underwear hacks yourself, why not share them here and spread the confidence bug

So what next…

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Much love,

Anna Cordelia


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