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“It’s not like I could have got you makeup, you have too many brushes anyway! You probably have all the skin care products on the market?”

I have been gifting everything beauty related (especially new and exciting products!) to my family and friends for years. I doubt they would expect anything else now! I do this for 2 reasons.. (not for the pro discount and tax deductions!) firstly, it’s so easy for me, it’s my passion and my chosen subject, so I feel confident choosing gifts from this field. Secondly, they always seem to go down well.. a personal gift that can help you feel (& look) better. It’s a sure fire winner!!!

But many don’t reciprocate this reasons when buying for the Makeup Artist girlfriend or Hairstylist husband!

Honestly, I will never, and know this to be true.. will never own enough makeup brushes, whatever the tool purpose, whichever the brand, no easier way to steal my heart (& do your Saturday night makeup booking!!!) than present me with something soft and fluffy ( or chunky & covered in chocolate 


No more apparent, than the day this brush came into my life!

Bought for me by my at the boyfriend (later to become Mr Cordelia) ..

The ‘IT’ brush The big Kahuna, The ultimate, coveted, panty dropping, ‘Look at me, I’m a MUA’ brush of its time ‘The Prescriptives Foundation Brush!!!

Back before online shopping became the norm and when the idea of a brush to put your base on was quite a new concept! I remember we were window shopping in Richmond (London). I was practically licking the windows at Space NK Apothecary when he ventured in paid the best part of £20 for this one brush in its pretty little pouch! Remembering that minimum wage back then was around £4.20 per hour!!!

This brush has since done the rounds and looks far from pristine. Makeup brushes have come along way since and it hasn’t been near a clients face for quite sometime (though body makeup!!?)

Yet in my kit it remains and every time I look I see it, a brief memory of the story behind it comes back… & isn’t that just lovely !?

So I reiterate, it’s pretty much impossible to get it wrong when it comes to beauty products as presents. In fact My inlaws have for the last few years sent a MAC 217 brush every year on my birthday … and it’s amazing and long may it continue!!!


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